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Service snack

Teaser video

When it comes to grabbing attention, it’s all about the visual impact.

Some of your target are surfing quickly the web, the social network and all kind of digital information. The mobile consumers don’t have time to waste, you literally have seconds to grab their attention, so give them something quick to consume and digest. BeVisible will create your snackable video with ingredients and captivating flavours.


Create your “To Go” snackable videos. Contact us.

Service storytelling

Video storytelling

Grab the attention of your target groups

Grabbing attention and creating strong relations with your target groups is possible through short films. At BeVisible, we create the story you want to tell your clients and prospects in a captivating way and with a unique script. Through the narrative, we  raise the viewer's interest in your product or company. 


Build storytelling in three acts

Ever heard of Aristotle? Considered the father of scripted narrative, he created the basis for all scriptwriting, and therefore, for all storytelling. For him, a good narrative is made up of three distinct main moments, or three acts:


The beginning, the conflict, and the resolution.


The first act introduces the characters, the second act reveals the conflict, and the last act provides the solution. At first, creating a storytelling video may seem simple, but think of it like a recipe: it’s never the book that makes your food tasty and exceptional, but rather it’s the chef and his team who put it together and cook it with passion, experience, skill, and creativity.

A collaboration of excellence

Logo bevisible,.swiss

Our ambition is to create timeless, genuine, powerful, and unforgettable storytelling for your company. In order to reach this goal successfully and offer our clients an excellent result, for all our short film projects, we work with the written communication agency LES LETTRES D’OR, which specializes in writing for companies, storytelling, and scriptwriting. This cooperation combines two complementary creative forces and offers all of our clients results that will remain etched in peoples' minds.

Tell your story through images. Contact us.

Service entreprise

Company, brand 

& product video

Demanding consumers

Audiovisual communication today is everywhere, in the private sphere as much as in public and professional spheres. Consumers are immersed in images and sound. As a result, they have become increasingly demanding and are looking for originality and dynamism in what they watch and listen to.

Making a successful company video

There are multiple challenges for companies: not only do they need to account for constraints from corporate, but they also have to be able to bring a personal, emotional touch to capture the attention of their audience while still remaining genuine and true to their image.

A successful company video includes a magical recipe: vision, ambition, personalization, and authenticity.

For a successful company video, contact us.

Service humanitaire

Humanitarian & development video

Realities of our world are fully hinged on the humanitarian and development challenges that we all face. However, they touch mostly what we call the developing world, creating a false sense of distance from the so called Western societies. Capturing those challenges that belong to all humanity requires a certain understanding of the substance to be able to bring them closer to home and ask for engagement, through effective video production and accurate messaging. ​

For video productions that will raise awareness, contact us.

Service art

Music, art 

& culture video

Identifying the creativity of an artist or musician through images increases their influence. This is an intimate way to enter into their world and show the public the personality behind the art.

Want to capture a perfect creative moment through images? Contact us.

Service reportage

Reportage, event, 

& sport video

The combination of still frames, aerial shots, and embedded camera and Steadicam action scenes will capture the highlights of your event and provide your the audience with an emotional experience.


For reporting, an image reporter’s mission is similar to that of an entire team. When dealing with a subject, they act simultaneously as a reporter, editor, operator, and soundperson. An orchestra conductor with a single objective: capturing the reality of the moment in images.

Put your important events into images. Contact us.

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