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Workshop on Corporate Video with a Smartphone

Formation BeSMARTphoneVIDEO Prangins 03-04.05.2022
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Thank you for trusting us with the training of their employees

The importance of authentic corporate videos

In a world where authenticity and transparency are increasingly valued, real corporate videos play a crucial role.


They showcase your company's true culture, strengthen trust with your clients and partners, and highlight your teams by sharing their day-to-day activities. These videos foster human connection, making your brand more accessible and engaging. Moreover, they are ideal for creating dynamic and genuine content for social media, capturing your audience's attention and enhancing online engagement.


Your employees are best positioned to capture this type of video as they are present for capturing special moments and intimately understand the company, enabling them to easily share its stories and values.

Why BeVisible created this workshop

BeVisible is an agency specializing in storytelling, teasers, advertisements, and event videos for companies across various sectors. Through our collaborations, we've observed a growing demand for authentic video content tailored for social media. Many businesses want to produce such content internally, directly with their own teams.

Going beyond traditional academy or training institute offerings, BeVisible leverages our daily experience as a video production agency and our passion and expertise in leveraging new audiovisual technologies related to smartphones. We've designed this training around practical workshops, enabling your employees to quickly acquire essential skills for producing high-quality corporate videos using a smartphone, while avoiding common beginner mistakes with guidance from audiovisual professionals.

Benefits of this hands-on training

• Authenticity and engagement: Learn to create authentic videos that captivate your audience and enhance your company's transparency.

• Accessibility and simplicity: Discover how to use the tools at your fingertips - your smartphone - to produce professional-quality videos without costly equipment.

• Practical and business-specific training: Our sessions are hands-on and tailored to meet business needs, ensuring every participant can immediately apply what they've learned.

What you will learn

• Shooting techniques: Master the basics of framing, lighting, and sound to produce professional-quality videos.

• Video editing: Use intuitive mobile apps to edit your videos, add effects, and finalize your projects like a pro.

• Content creation: Design engaging videos such as employee testimonials, behind-the-scenes glimpses of your company, and real-life presentations.


Training objectives

• Strengthen team cohesion: Enrich your internal and external communication campaigns with videos created by your own employees.

• Enhance your employer brand: Create authentic content that showcases your company's culture and values.

• Increase your company's visibility: Improve your online presence with captivating and well-produced videos.

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