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Philippe Perakis
Creative director of BeVisible agency

Born to a photographer mother, Philippe inherited the gift of image observation from a very young age. This passion led him to spend the brightest days of his childhood with a camera and in the darkroom of his mother’s photo lab. He experimented with the magic of developing photographs from film, and his mother just loved having a new partner!


In 2000, while working for Dainese S.p.A. as the communications director, Philippe came up with a completely innovative service for the time. Thanks to the arrival of the DVCAM format developed by Sony and the non-linear system of computer editing, he integrated a video production department within the company itself. Thanks to this “internal video section,” the company, which worked in the world of sports, could create powerful and unique external communication. This project made Philippe one of the pioneers in the field.


With his 360° vision, Philippe completed his education with an MBA specialization course in Marketing and Communications Strategy & E-Business from the University of Geneva. This university-level education now helps him to provide his clients with expertise in production and short films, in line with current communication trends and strategies.


With more than 20 years of experience, Philippe has brought his expertise in particular into the fields of production, operating, and editing. He offers undeniable added value to all the communication and marketing projects he has completed for numerous companies.


Convinced that storytelling can provide any company with more visibility, competitiveness, and proximity to its audience, starting in 2018 Philippe gathered all his professional experience under the BeVisible brand, with video storytelling as its flagship service.

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