BeVisible Official Audiovisual Production Partner of the

Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services 

Thanks to that CCIG / BeVisible partnership, a new video service with preferential prices is made available to the CCIG members or partner for the production of "Teaser" video, presenting  their compagnies, brands, products or services.

Special Offer of Video "Teaser" for CCIG members or partners

This new “Teaser” video service for CCIG members or partners, offer a special 25% discount*: price Chf 1'485.- (instead of 1'980.-) for the production of a “Teaser” video presenting their companies, brands, products or services.

* Offer valid until 31.12.2021. Prices with discount according to the conditions stipulated in the BeVisible special offer for CCIG members or partners.

Thanks to this partnership, the CCIG supports the visibility of its members and partners through this new video production service.

If you are a member or partner of CCIG and you want to increase your visibility trough videos, contact-us.

BeVisible Partner CCIG


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