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Production pricing

The cost of producing and creating a video (or short film) depend on the client’s project according to the following parameters:


  • Type of project

  • Budget

  • Storytelling idea

  • Creation of the script

  • Filming location

  • Background extras with or without actors

  • Filming technique and duration

  • Post-production


Depending on your project, we will create a personalized offer.

Take advantage of our BeVisible programs with discounts of 10-25%

Examples of offers:

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Teaser story video

Chf 2,000 to 3,500

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Company video

Chf 3,500 à 7,500

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Event video

Chf 1,500 to 4,500

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Storytelling video

Chf 5,000 to 15,000

Do you have a project, or a story you want to tell? Contact us.

BeVisible programs

Optimization with discounts of 10-25%

Images and audiovisuals are among the most important means of communication today. It is essential for an SME and/or large company to integrate this type of media into its annual communication strategy.


What is a program?

Our programs allow you to integrate video communication periodically into your marketing and company communication strategies. 

Advantages of our programs for companies

  • With a program, it evolves according to your needs while developing personalized visibility adapted to your brand.

  • A program gives you the unique opportunity to create a database of video images that will allow you a responsiveness in visual communication in all your communications.

  • Thanks to our programs, we can optimize our services and costs. That way, you can benefit from discounts of 10-25% off all our services.


Want to integrate video into your communication strategy? Contact us.

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10% discount

CHF 15'000 annual budget 
CHF 1'500 discount

CHF 13'500 your price

12x CHF 1'125/month

Logo BV7 play.png



15% discount

CHF 30'000 annual budget 
CHF 4'500 discount

CHF 25'500 your price

12x CHF 2125/month

Logo BV7 play.png



20% discount

CHF 45'000 annual budget 
CHF 9'000 discount

CHF 36'000 your price

12x CHF 3'000/month

Logo BV7 play.png



25% discount

CHF 60'000 annual budget 
CHF 15'000 discount

CHF 45'000 your price

12x CHF 3'750/month

Programmes BeVisible
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